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[original] データが不透明な日本

writer Randy Wagenheim, Columnist of Beyond Media 

(English follows Japanese)


【写真上】カナダ政府の専用アプリ 【写真下】オンタリオ州の情報提供

How many people die from COVID-19 in Tokyo metro area (pop estimated 39million people)? Nationwide info OK, but it is valuable to have more direct information about Tokyo metro in particular so as to see day to day track at this level (home of politics and home of government, economic hub of Japan, Olympic host site, and largest population center in the world). It seems 31 people dead total as far as I can see who have home address in Tokyo prefecture, but even that data is not clear or detailed. Should be rich data about Tokyo metro specific info at this point, but I don't see or hear that kind info. Koike speaks often, so they value Tokyo specific reporting it seems, but not much substance. To me, infection rate is not so meaningful, especially testing is not uniform or widespread. What matters really is volume of people needing ICU, ventilator assistance, necessity and death rate for COVID-19 cases. That should be tracked at the micro level, with rich data available. Just amazing to me that in the age of iPhone and robust widespread data collection industry, point card everywhere, we can't get rich data about the world's most significant viral outbreak of all time.





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