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writer Randy Wagenheim Chief Columnist of Beyond Media

[経済の崩壊と株式市場の上昇] という観点で、ひとつ良い分析記事があるので紹介したい。タイム誌に掲載されているZachary Karabell氏(the president of River Twice Research)比較的ポジティブな見通しの見解だ。






One different opinion with more positive outlook about the [stock market up / economy frozen] disconnect is good analysis is by Zachary Karabell published in Time Magazine:"

...while markets are not moving on real-time economic fundamentals, they are moving on reasonable judgements of fundamentals going forward and distinguishing between industries that look to be hardest hits from those that might even benefit from the dramatic economic dislocations that COVID-19 responses are creating. If everything were going up indiscriminately, that would indicate markets were fully detached. There are not."He is saying airlines, hotels, retail, energy companies...these sectors still reflect economic reality, and have seen there stock prices remain crushed.

However, big tech and other specific companies uniquely suited to the "pandemic economy" moving forward are the future winners in any future economy startup, and their stock prices reflect that.So he is saying Fed is taking appropriate necessary action, but its not just about Fed huge money float, its rooted in some fundamentals moving forward.



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