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writer Randy Wagenheim Chief Columnist of Beyond Media




ジャーナリストのAjit Singh氏の見方が興味深い。彼は香港の民主化運動などの問題に焦点を当てているジャーナリストだ。 彼のツイッターではこの問題に関連して、欧米のメディアが指摘していない包括的で根本的な疑問を提示している。




彼のツイッターは、「香港の抗議者が誰であるか、彼らの右翼の同盟者が米国にいるか」などについて言及している。そして幅広い非プロパガンダ的なアプローチを示す鋭い分析を持っている。 今のところ、単なる反中国ではなく、冷静な判断に基づく反中国である西洋のメディアを見つけるのは難しい。


On this topic of Chinese sovereignty over Hong Kong , I think it is important to be a flexible thinker and understand the forces at play.  I caution a lot of dubious reporting that is playing into a newly birthed US vs China cold war situation.Specifically, the pro-democracy protests in HK are aligned with far-right, there is major backing from the US to preserve an imperialist agenda in their interests.  Ajit Singh is a journalist who has a focus in these matters.  This thread in particular he presents overall fundamental questions which are not addressed by anyone in the West as it relates to this matter.  The main point of what is now happening is

"Hong Kong's national security law targets US government funding of political groups."

His twitter in general if you scroll through has sharp analysis showing who the HK protesters are, who their right wing allies are in the US, and overall a wider non-propaganda approach to the topic.  It is hard to find any western media that is no hook line and sinker anti-china right now.

The underlying ideology and ethos of "pro-democracy" protests and leaders of this in HK are important to appreciate.





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