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writer Randy Wagenheim Chief Columnist of Beyond Media







尖閣問題は中国の漁船がより頻繁に、より大胆に、より攻撃的になっていることが懸念される。 このような行為の結果、戦争にまで発展する可能性がある。


The article from Canada CBC very good comprehensive research about China's distant water fishing activity, which is quite disturbing.

This article's summary is long term investigative report into China's commercial fishing activity.  As it relates to Japan, we have seen North Korean fishing vessels strangely wash ashore, we know from this work now that this is related to China's distant water fishing which is bullying the territorial waters forcing smaller craft further out to sea in more adverse ocean conditions.Overall the report talks about China's aggressive commercial fishing practice far from its own territory is a massive operation with State support reaching far from their borders, and gobbling up huge amounts of fish (the article mentions in some cases these craft can catch as many fish in one week as typical small craft of poorer countries can catch in one year).  They essentially have a cartel controlling the squid industry globally as well because of this.China's aggressive fishing program also has many of these vessels essentially serving as paramilitary personnel whose activities the Chinese government can use to further its geopolitical aims.  They are like a private navy on behalf of China, this helps assert territorial domination, pushing back fishermen or governments that challenge China's sovereignty claims, which encompass nearly all of the South China Sea.  The Senkaku issue is of concern as Chinese fishing ships are becoming more frequent, brazen and aggressive.  It could very easily turn ugly into a hat war as a result of this practice.





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